Satellite solutions for mobility. We offer connectivity and high-speed internet services for trains and other moving field vehicles. The current improvements in Flat Panel Antennas will allow for a wide array of services featuring traditional satellites (GEOs) and new low orbit satellites (LEOs), to be launched soon. The consolidation of flat antennas and the reduction of band width costs will prove pivotal in the steady growth of services for ground and maritime / fluvial transportation.


We offer satellite telecommunications solutions for the agricultural sector, guaranteeing fast access to the most reliable network, anytime and anywhere. For many years, and as in many other productive sectors in South America, the agricultural business has suffered from severe limitations in connectivity. High performance communication architecture allows for new IIoT and traceability solutions focused on real time connectivity. The solutions that Andesat provides in Argentina and Chile apply to Peru: IIoT, sensor systems and effective monitoring for agricultural companies.

Our solutions are specially customized to satisfy our clients’ needs.


Communication services for oil operations, ground based or maritime, fixed or mobile. Voice solutions, video, data and security. We develop custom made solutions, IIoT applications, sensors, data recollection and interpretation, and information for decision making.


We provide communication services for the mining industry. High capacity satellite liaisons. Information monitoring and transmission in real time, from different locations inside the mines. Reliable voice, data and video services, essential for high security operations. Redundant services. Back up for physical networks.


We offer highly available and reliable communication services for fish farms. IIoT solutions, sensors, monitoring and analysis for decision making. Software development for biomass management.
Our Control-Suite development is specifically designed for the needs of modern aquaculture and is compatible with SAT and other management systems.


Andesat Group owns three teleports in three countries operating through 5 different satellites, with double teleport and satellite redundancy in all South America (except for Brazil). We incorporate automatic redundancy with Global NMS from iDirect. This means that in the event of loss of the satellite signal, the service is relocated to the teleport with redundancy, in the case of geo stabilized antennas.

Backhaul Cellular services for operators and extension services for cellular networks to rural areas.