Internet and data solutions. From total simplicity, to the complexity of totally customized solutions. We design and install state of the art wireless networks that guarantee local signal distribution.

We focus on providing solutions designed for and with each of our clients. Attending to the specifics of each activity, designed for problem solutions, and providing efficiency and upgrades in systems and processes.
This is just the beginning. We understand each business and design the best communications solutions, and we offer our expertise when problems arise, providing a support system that guarantees the availability of liaisons and a seamless flow in communications.

Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with our clients, that sets the ground for new challenges and for a continuous improvement process.


Through our three teleports and top of the game infrastructure, we offer a wide array of services for all kinds of moving vehicles. From ships to planes and ground vehicles, such as buses, trucks and trains. Our satellites provide the most extensive and solid coverage in the region, in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific. Oceans are part of our territory.

We have the most reliable maritime antennas, tested in the most demanding conditions, from the Antarctic to North America.


Cellular communications have a transformative effect in a region´s economy and development.

The OIMR (Spanish for Mobile Rural Operating Infrastructure) is a regulatory figure established by the authority in Peru, in order to extend the capillarity of cellular networks. Based on the country´s geographical conditions, the satellite will be a key player in the consolidation of these networks.

Thousands of communities have been declared of interest by the government, in order to provide them with solid communication and integration opportunities. Andesat Peru aims to be a protagonist in the development of these networks, and we´ll work hand in hand with the operators to extend them.

Our project began to unfold on May 2019.

Global NMS

Global NMS (Network Management System) is a service that allows for an automatic back up of antennas with auto tracking. In the event of loss of the satellite signal due to any given cause (an earthquake, for example), the service automatically searches for a second alternative from another Andesat teleport.